Increase Your In-Store Conversion Rate

In-store conversion requires the creation of a seamless shopping experience
In-store conversion requires the creation of a seamless shopping experience

A research was done in which it was revealed that 75% of shoppers said they only saw 25% of merchandise on display in retail stores.

Now just think about this!

75% of people entering your store only see 25% of your merchandise.

Just imagine the difference it will make to your sales if instead of shoppers seeing only 25% of your merchandise they instead saw 75% of the merchandise on display in your store.

 OK, seeing 75% of merchandise in your store is good, but how do you get them to buy?

As retailers, we have experienced situations in which shoppers enter our store and you ask them ‘can I help you’, they respond ‘I am just browsing’.

So why did they respond in that manner when the reality is, they probably need help searching for what they need?

People do not
Shoppers love to buy on their own terms. Simply make your store a place they will love to buy from

It's because people do not like being sold but they love to buy.

So how could you sell them without them feeling they are being sold to?

How can you ensure shoppers who enter your store see 75% of merchandise on display?

How can you convert 80% of visitors to your store?

Helping retailers like you answer the above questions is the reason The Business Education Center exist.


We help you:

  • Design seamless customer journey
  • Enhance in-store experience
  • Streamline store operations
  • Boost customer engagement

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How To Influence Shoppers Buying Behaviour 

How to in-crease in-store conversion
 Increasing in-store conversion is a 3 step process

Conversion is simply the ability to get someone to take out their wallet and give you money for your merchandise.

Conversion in retail is three things:

  • The ability to get someone to enter your store
  • The ability to retain them for long in the store
  • The ability to persuade them to buy

Most of the times, the problem with increasing retail store sales does not lie with getting shoppers into your store.

Depending on your location, you could get as much shoppers as you like to enter your store.

The problem you face is shoppers enter your store and leave without buying.

This is where our solutions come in handy.

We simply device strategies for removing friction to buying, which results in increased in-store conversion.

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Do Not Underestimate the Conversion Process

Do not underestimate the difficulties of in-store conversion
Do not underestimate the difficulties of in-store conversion

Many retailers continue to make the fatal mistake of underestimating the difficulty of getting shoppers to part with their hard earn money.

Don't let that be you.

Online retailers such as Amazon or eBay have entire departments with hundreds of staff whose only task is to focus on their conversion process.


They have their staff analysing the activities of each and every customer to their websites.

Do you still wonder why those guys are eating the lunch of brick and mortar retailers?

They understand the significant of conversion in retailing.

You might think to yourself, it is easy for them to do online.

That level of conversion tracking cannot be done in a brick and mortar retail store.


It can be done.

The use of technology can make the in-store conversion process easier
Beautiful store design and attractive visual merchandising display can make in-store conversion simplier

The use of technologies such as the magic mirror or footfall counters are ways of bringing online conversion process to brick and mortar retail store.

There are various other ways brick and mortar retailers can apply online conversion strategies to their retail stores.

Those are the strategies we help you develop.


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The Benefit of Beautiful Store Design & Attractive Visual Merchandising

The reasons you are not attracting shoppers to your retail store, worse of all, the reason they do not buy when they are inside your store has nothing to do with what you think.

The reason shoppers are not visiting your store has nothing to do with online shopping, your location or bad luck.

It most likely has to do with your store design and visual merchandising display.

We can help you develop strategies for designing beautiful store and creating an attractive visual merchandising display.

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