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Download Pre-Course Material

These pre-course materials will provide you an overview of the topics covered in the training. Please download them and create the time to study them before the day of the training.

Boosting Retail Sales Mastermind

The on-demand training program is made up of videos, audios and PDFs training. They are designed to provide retail brands lacking the resources to attend the live in-person or live online an opportunity to acquire the requisite skills to strategically position their brands and optimise their operations.

Mastermind Workbook 2

The live online training provides a perfect opportunity for retail brands without the time and resources to travel to London to attend the live in-person training. It’s a 90 minutes trainer led interactive online training session designed to address the specific bottleneck of each participant.

Mastermind Workbook 3

The live in-person training is designed to grant retail brands direct access to the best minds in strategic positioning and operational efficiency. It’s a full day trainer led face-to-face interactive training session that addresses the specific bottleneck of each participant.

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