Most Effective Strategies for Increasing Retail profit


Last year the retail industry spent $26 billion on loss prevention. However, in the same year, the industry lost $107 billion to shrinkage. This has been the phenomenon for the past 10 years in the retail industry. Loss prevention spending keeps increasing yet retail shrinkage continues to rise.

There is a direct linear relationship between retail shrinkage and retail profit. When shrinkage increases, profit decreases. When shrinkage decreases, profit increases. Many retailers have failed to recognize this trend therefore continue to struggle.


84% Most Effective Strategies for Increasing Retail Profit 2nd Edition


Containing the latest cutting-edge strategies for retail shrinkage reduction which ultimately lead to increase profit. This e-book to be released on the 23/09/2011 will change the retail industry forever.

It contains information that provides retailers with a step-by-step process for reducing their shrinkage. All retail shrinkage is the result of process and systemic failure and human factors. This e-book highlights those factors and shows retailers the necessary steps required to overcome them.


Do you want to know how Wal-Mart became the biggest and most profitable retailer in the world?

Do you want to know how Tesco transformed from a struggling retailer to become a global brand and the second most profitable
retailer in the world?

Do you want to know how UK supermarkets Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s almost doubled their profit margin during the worst
financial crisis since the great Depression?

Do you want to know how the likes of Borders, Woolworths, Music Zone, Zavi and many more recognised High Street brands ended up in the business graveyard?

Do you want to know why B&Q and PC World will cease to exist in the next few years?

Do you want to know the “Critical Non-Essentials” that are required to succeed as a retailer in the 21st century retail environment?




The retail landscape is changing rapidly with increasing internet shopping. From 2005 to 2009, the online shopping population grew to 1.6 billion. It is predicted to rise to 2.3 billion by 2014 with gross revenue totalling $778.6 billion. This is bad news for traditional brick and mortar retail businesses.

With the continued dominance of Amazon, eBay, Google or iTunes, does WH Smith, Waterstones or HMV even stand a chance?
The answer to these and many other questions are in this book. This book is for the retailer who wants to learn how to run a successful and profitable retail operation in the 21st century retail environment.

The question is not if change will come because it will come whether retailers like it or not.


The question is: are you prepared?

You will find your answer in this book.


You will learn everything you need to know about:

Creating a Culture of Loss Prevention

Employee Error

Employee Theft

Perishable and Non-Perishable Shrinkage


Receiving Shrinkage

Technologies that Help to Reduce Retail Shrinkage




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